Ergonomics for work from home

Sharing a workstation means you need to adjust your computer height, chair, and furniture every time you sit down. Often, you may choose to skip adjusting the workstation altogether. If you are the only person using the space, customizing will reduce the time and discomfort of sitting at a station that does not fit you. Thank you for these simple tips and reminders that we often forget when working from home.

  • Reading can be done in the supine position , if the trunk can be raised while maintaining the spine in a neutral position.
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  • Whether you work from home occasionally or exclusively, it’s worth taking a little time to set up your space in a way that allows you to be safe working from home and have a comfortable work set-up.
  • Increased catastrophic events are tightening property lines, with many carriers offering lower limits, higher retentions, and price hikes.

Use our tips, tools, and info to find success in remote work. In this presentation we’ll show you the 10 best beginner friendly yoga poses you should practice for back pain and to strengthen your back muscles. By doing that, you will have enough time to complete all your task. Thanks to those tips, working from home is less stressfull and monotonous. My first would be an external monitor, because they add so much to your productivity.

DON’T give up on your current chair

These features lessen any twisting of the spine and strain to the lower back by eliminating the action of having to shift gears. Reading can be done in the supine position , if the trunk can be raised while maintaining the spine in a neutral position. Fit all faucets in the house with a user-friendly variety in which low force is necessary work from home ergonomics to turn the water on and off. This keeps you from putting unnatural stress on your wrists, which can cause injury to wrist tendons. Make sure bathroom sinks and shower heads are not too low, which can further irritate lower back and neck injuries. When sleeping, use a cervical pillow that supports the natural curve or neck.

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For instance, you want to avoid a situation where your chair is either too low or too high for the desk, as typing like this can lead to repetitive strain injuries. The importance of ergonomics when working from home can perhaps be best demonstrated by highlighting the consequences of ignoring ergonomic design. For instance, overlooking ergonomics with your workstation could lead to aches and pains. Over prolonged periods, this could lead to more serious issues, including musculoskeletal problems.

DON’T turn your couch into a workstation

In most instances, when a person is able to work from home, that work takes the form of the person sitting in front of a computer screen for hours at a time, day after day. Flicker-free monitors, such as those offered by ViewSonic, can be beneficial in reducing eye strain and instances of Computer Vision Syndrome , and most ViewSonic options also include blue light filters. Modern workplaces are carefully designed with human factors in mind, and it is equally important to give consideration to ergonomics when working from home. After all, you need to make sure you are able to carry out your work to the best of your ability and this means minimizing discomfort and pain caused by the physical work environment.

What is the ergonomics of working from home?

Ergonomic basics when working from home

Keep your screen level to your eyes to avoid either tilting or craning your neck. Place your keyboard or laptop closer to you to prevent shoulder strain. Invest in a comfortable chair. Make sure your desk is just the right height for you.

Place a pillow under the back of your legs to relax the low back muscles while you sleep. If you sleep on your side, place a pillow or towel between your legs to prevent the top leg rolling forward and twisting the low back and sacral joints. The pillow thickness must be enough to prevent your head from leaning down or being pushed up. You want to keep your spine in a straight line to reduce stress points and encourage restful sleep. Set the height of your chair so that your thighs make a 90-degree angle with your lower legs, while your feet make a 90-degree angle with the floor. Keep a pen and pad of paper near your telephone so messages can be taken immediately without changing position or straining to grab the appropriate materials.

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If you have a deep couch, this can cause you to slouch and create poor posture. Put another firm cushion leaning against the back of this couch cushion to enable you to sit at a 90° angle. Choose a refrigerator that has a bottom-mounted freezer, which reduces the need to bend over when accessing the main body of the fridge.

Hunkering over a laptop for a day is fine – but you really should invest in external devices if you’re going to work from home for any extended period of time. An external screen, mouse, and keyboard will help promote more natural, relaxed postures. Working for long periods of time in an awkward position and with the wrong equipment can lead to fatigue, discomfort and even pain.

Safety Science

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